Your Self-Image after Weight Loss


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Congratulations! You’ve done the work, are in the process of doing the work, or are simply contemplating the work it takes to lose the weight that’s been keeping you down. Both the destination and the journey are amazing and arguably, life changing.  This applies whether you used weight loss surgery to facilitate your loss, or simply used diet and exercise.

While you may have arrived at a goal weight that’s comfortable for you, you may find yourself feeling little different than you did before your weight loss. If you’re anything like me, you may at some point have felt no different on the inside though your outside has changed dramatically.

In 2012, I underwent Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. During the procedure, a large percentage of my stomach was removed in an effort to assist me in finally beating obesity. In less than ten months, I lost over 140lbs. Going from a size 26 to a size 8 was a dream come true, and yet, something just didn’t feel right.

Standing in front of the mirror, day after day, I was still the “fat girl.” I was still the girl who had endured teasing and bullying as a kid because of my weight and who, as an adult, had coped with being the target of the last acceptable prejudice.  Over time, I realized that I had a lot of work to do to change my self-image, lest I risk returning to that size 26.

Psychology tells us that the subconscious is a powerful tool. We are equipped with a mechanism that works hard to create a reality that matches our perceptions. Therefore, if we believe we are 300lbs, though we may in fact weigh 150lbs, our subconscious may well instigate behaviors to make our reality match our perceptions of ourselves at 300lbs.  Hence, dreaded re-gain may commence. I’m committed to preventing that by working on my self-image, and I suspect you are committed to the same. We are in this together!

Welcome to the site. Feel free to browse around. Regular posts will include thoughts, articles, and musings on managing self-image following weight loss. My hope is that you’ll read and add your voice so that we can all learn together!



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